Citizen Ride Along Program

he Seymour Department of Police currently allows citizens and non-citizens to ride-along with Officers on patrol. We do have strict rules and procedures in place to make the ride-along a safe and educational experience.

  • The following rules / restrictions apply:
  • Ride-along form must be received 2 weeks prior to date and time request. We will try to schedule on your day requested but have the right to deny and/or change the date because of staffing, Field Training, or other issues.
  • If the rider is under the age of eighteen, a parental permission form must be submitted.
  • The wavier form must be read and signed prior to the ride-along.
  • All ride-along participants will adhere to the dress code as follows: Neat and clean clothing will be worn, Jeans are allowed, but they cannot have rips or holes, and T-shirts are not allowed.
  • The Participant should report to the Police Department at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the ride-along.
  • The Officer has the authority to stop the ride-along for any reason at any time.
  • During the ride-along, the participant will not offer any assistance or try to participate in any Police activity unless directed by the ride-along Officer.
  • The Seymour Department of Police has the right to refuse a ride-along to any participant, for any reason.
Ride Along Request Form Please read the form carefully.