Our Department

Our Department

The Seymour Police Department is comprised of six full-time officers, budgeted for three part-time officers and one part-time Records-Administrative Assistant's. Including the Chief of Police, a Field Supervisor, School Resource and Educational Officers with the Seymour Community School District. We have 4 full-time officers that are assigned to patrol covering the city 24 hours a day 365 days a year on 12 hour shifts.

The patrol division is the backbone and most visible part of a law enforcement agency. Patrol is responsible for responding to calls for service from the public, including a rapid response to emergency situations. Some examples of a call for service include traffic crash's, reports of criminal activity, city ordinance violations, domestic violence, general complaints, traffic complaints, property disputes, suspicious persons, medical assistance, and many other social issues. Additionally, traffic enforcement and preventive patrols are vital parts of patrol's responsibility. Traffic problems are an important issue being addressed by law enforcement today. This is mainly due to the large number of traffic fatalities, injuries, and the ever-increasing volume of traffic on our public streets and highways in the United States. Current Department of Transportation DOT statistics indicate that approximately 12,000 vehicles pass through Seymour weekly. Preventive and highly visible patrol vehicles are instrumental in crime control and providing police services. The marked patrol unit provides accessibility by the public to law enforcement personnel and a rapid response to emergency situations. The patrol division provides traffic enforcement and responds to approximately 3,100 calls for service a year.

Our Staff

The department currently has 6 Full-time Officers including the Chief of Police and School Liaison Officer. The Department also has currently 5 part-time officers.  There are NO vacant part-time positions.

  • Full-Time
  • Chief Richard A Buntrock #840
    Chief of Police
  • Isaac Schultz #841
    Field Supervisor-Sergeant-Investigations-Field Training
  • TJ Hilgenberg #842
    School Liaison/Bike Patrol/ICAC Investigator
  • Brett Stauber #843
    Officer/Bike Patrol/Socail Media/ Audio-Video Evidence Management
  • John Fuller #844
    Crime Scene Evidence Management
  • Seth Tobison # 845
  • Andrew Bell #846
  • Part-Time
  • Trace Paulson, #853
    ERO Officer/Court Officer
  • Brian Murphy #856
  • Eric Paulowski #859
  • Crossing Guards
  • Sandy Struble Full-time
  • Phil Engle Full-time
  • Cheryl Ingalls Full Time
  • Sandra Segersin Substitute
  • Ryan Pelky-Substuite
  • Support Services
  • Christy Stover-Administrative Assistant
  • Paula Deike
  • Steve Hurkman
  • Patrick Amerson
  • Michael Keyser

Department Equipment

Our Department has one marked Ford Crown Victoria assigned to the school liaison and special event services, and two marked squad Ford Interceptor SUV's that are assigned to patrol that are equipped with the following equipment:

Panasonic Tuff Book Mobile Data Computers linked with Outagamie County Dispatch
Moving/Stationary and Laser Radar units
LED Light Bars
AR-15 Assault Rifle
Less Lethal Shot Gun (Equipped with bean bag rounds)
Emergency Medical bag with an AED
Spike Strips
Lockout tools
Citation Printer ( State "TRACS" Citation and Motor Vehicle Accident Reporting Program)
Hazmat Equipment
Motorola Mobile and Portable radios

Ford Crown Victoria

Ford Explorer Interceptor

The Seymour Police Department now has the ability to comprise an eye witness account of our calls for service. The Police Department has implemented the AXON wearable video camera system effective January 2018. AXON has allowed the recording of audio and video of both the officer and the citizen he/she has contact with. AXON is very noticeable when it is recording. When the camera is in the operational mode AXONwill display a red light as demonstrated in the attached photograph worn by Officer.

This will inform the citizen that the unit is in the recording mode. The AXON camera system will convey major benefits to the Department and the community. First and foremost, this equipment will provide enhanced transparency for the Department. It leaves no room for question because it will encapsulate an exact playback of what occurred on the call for service. AXON will also be used as valuable training tool for the education of department personnel and for the purpose of evaluating use of force incidents. This system has been supported with a solid policy.

This equipment can be viewed at http://www.axon.com/

Support Services Trailer

In Partnership with the Outagamie County Sheriff's Department , the Seymour Police Department provides bicycles for bicycle safety education.

Annually our Officers provide the 3rd grade Rockledge Intermediate children with bicycle safety education. Furthermore, to reinforce this education we provide annual "Safety Day's" bike safety education.

Bike Patrol

The department currently has 6 Full-time Officers including the Chief of Police and School Liaison Officer. The Department also has currently 5 part-time officers.