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Police Officer:

The Seymour Police Department Is not hiring at this time.

WisCOPS, LLC is conducting this recruitment to establish an eligibility list for Seymour Police Department.  Applications for this recruitment must be submitted electronically via the instructions at www.wiscopsllc.com. Questions regarding this recruitment can be directed to jsmall@wiscopsllc.com.

In addition to electronic applications please submit the follow to the Seymour Police Department:

Experienced Officers shall submit form DJLE 330, a letter of intent and a resume.

Officers without experience shall submit DJLE 330, a letter of intent and a resume to: http://www.wiscopsllc.com/ WIS COPPS LLC.

Posted February 23, 2015


Records Assistant / Front Desk Clerk:

We are currently accepting applications for Police Administrative Assistants. Please go to link for more information. Police Administrative Assistant Positions

Crossing Guard / Crossing Guard Substitute:

We are Currently accepting applications for a substitute crossing guard. .


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