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VieVu Camera System

The Seymour Police Department now has the ability to comprise an eye witness account of our calls for service. The Police Department has implemented the VIEVU wearable video camera system effective Friday October 30, 2009. VIEVU has allowed the recording of audio and video of both the officer and the citizen he/she has contact with. VIEVU is very noticeable when it is recording. When the camera is in the operational mode VIEVU will display a florescent green background depicting the camera lens as demonstrated in the attached photograph worn by Officer. 

This will inform the citizen that the unit is in the recording mode. The VIEVU camera system will convey major benefits to the Department and the community. First and foremost, this equipment will provide enhanced transparency for the Department. It leaves no room for question because it will encapsulate an exact playback of what occurred on the call for service. VIEVU will also be used as valuable training tool for the education of department personnel. This system has been supported with a solid policy.

This equipment can be viewed at http://www.vievu.com/





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